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Yipeng Qin

Cardiff University
Wales, UK

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Selected Publications

How does Lipschitz Regularization Influence GAN Training?

Yipeng Qin, Niloy Mitra, Peter Wonka

ECCV 2020

Image2StyleGAN++: How to Edit the Embedded Images?

Rameen Abdal, Yipeng Qin, Peter Wonka

CVPR 2020

SEAN: image synthesis with semantic region-adaptive normalization.

Peihao Zhu, Rameen Abdal, Yipeng Qin, Peter Wonka

CVPR 2020 (Oral)
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Image2StyleGAN: How to Embed Images Into the StyleGAN Latent Space?

Rameen Abdal, Yipeng Qin, Peter Wonka

ICCV 2019 (Oral)

Fast and Memory-Efficient Voronoi Diagram Construction on Triangle Meshes

Yipeng Qin, Hongchuan Yu, Jianjun Zhang

Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of SGP), 2017

Fast and Exact Discrete Geodesic Computation Based on Triangle-Oriented Wavefront Propagation

Yipeng Qin*, Xiaoguang Han*, Hongchuan Yu, Yizhou Yu, Jianjun Zhang (* Joint first authors)

ACM Transaction on Graphics (Proceedings of ACM SIGGRAPH), 2016
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Yipeng Qin. 2016. Idle-Bandwidth Self-Adaption Method for Internet Video Streaming Media Transmission. Chinese Patent. Application Number: CN 103237232 A . Patent Number: ZL 2013 1 0108664.5 . Filed March 29, 2013, and issued April 27, 2016.